Thursday, October 16, 2008

Government Insurance

If Medicare is any indication of what government insurance will be like, count me out. I work with insurance and Medicare everyday. Medicare covers nothing at home. They want you to go to an extended care facility for something you can easily do at home and for much less cost. They won't cover any antibiotics that are given IV at home. Any treatment that you may need at home has to be administered by some sort of machine (durable medical equipment). You could probably do it cheaper another way but Medicare won't pay for if you do. You must jump through so many hoops to get anything done with them that sometimes it just isn't worth it.
Any time the government gets involved there will be problems. Some Senator probably owns stock in a durable medical equipment company so he puts in the Medicare bill that you have to use that equipment in order for Medicare to pay for it. You get the idea.
If someone has a Medicare supplement insurance policy and Medicare denies the claim, so will the insurance company. You have to have a secondary not a supplement. Let this be a warning to you.