Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I love being a grandma. The first time Shelby called me grandma I thought it can't get any better than this. But it has, much better. She is the best little girl and always has been. She is two and a rule follower even at this age. When she started to crawl I told her she was not to touch grandma's "pretties", and she never has. She has always picked up her toys before she went home. She has to have a napkin to eat. She does not like messes. Her face and hands need to be clean and she wipes up her own spills. Kenny was working on the recliner the other night and she said "Papa made a mess, I'll clean it." When she got up one morning this week I said how about you help me make the bed, just as quick she came back with "that's a good idea". When we go shopping she stays right by my side wanting to help. One time I was getting her out of her car seat and she said grandma where is your cane? She reminds me to take my purse. She is so smart she can count to 10 and knows most of the abc's. Her Papa and I love her so much, she is such a joy (there is that word again). You will just have to live with my bragging I make no apologies.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Choose Joy

Most of you reading this know of the problems I have had for the last four years with my knee. I just thought I would let you know how faithful God has been to me. The day that I got sick with my second infection I was off work and running around. I got a call on my cell from an attorney's office in O'Fallon IL wanting to know if I was interested in doing some freelance paralegal work for them. Now the first time I was sick I was off for four months and got no pay because there is a time limit for it to kick in. I ask them how they got my name and they said I had sent them a resume four years earlier (when I graduated with my paralegal degree). That night I was back in the hospital and off work for a year. During that time I did get my disability payments (1/2 of my salary) but I also had the work from the law firm that I could do at home and make about twice what I was making at the hospital. Is God faithful or what. He knew before I got sick that money would be tight and he provided. I spent about six months total that year in a wheel chair with no knee. I had three surgeries and got a new knee replacement. When people would ask me how I was I would try to be honest about how much pain I was in. But I would also say I am doing fine. I'm going to be ok. Recently I figured up how much time I have been out of work in the last four years, it comes up to two years and seven months. I have had 14 surgeries on my knee, had it removed twice, once for nine months and once for four months. Through it all I have had a smile on my face. I have tried not to complain to anyone. I chose JOY. I am so glad I did. It made my time recovering so much easier. I knew God was taking care of me and I chose to sit back and let him do it.

I am going back to work day after tomorrow. I have been praying about this job for months. I told the Lord you know what I need and I am going to trust you to provide. The job I am going back to is a desk job. I will work no evenings, no weekends, no holidays, and take no call. That is almost unheard of in nursing. I even got a raise. I will be working with the same people I have been working with for the last two years.

So when you are down or in a bad place, choose joy, it really helps.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm sold

I watched Sarah Palin's speech last night and I'm sold. She is the do everything woman. She is not afraid of the "big boys" and I believe she will whup up on Joe Biden in the debates. I think he is running scared. Go Sarah!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Political Musings

When Sarah Palin was announced as the new VP canidate I knew absolutely nothing about her. So I did some research. She has five children the youngest, born in April, has Down's Syndrome. Her 17 year old daughter is 5 months pregnant out of wedlock. Sarah is an Assembly of God woman. The previous two things that I mentioned about her children have absoutely no bearing on the job she will do as VP. But of course, the press is carrying on about them. One thing I can say for Mr. Obama is he told the press, families are off limits. Being an Assembly of God woman myself and having had a granddaughter born out of wedlock, I can assure you she had no fault in this. You raise your children right and they do what they want. Her being an AG woman does have some bearing on how she does the job of VP. She is a praying woman and that will make all the difference. She has limited political experience but seems to be a go getter who is not afraid of the "good ole boys". I will be praying for Sarah as the days get closer to the convention. We all know how the press loves to go after Christians. I am urging you to do the same.