Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lord you want me to do what?

I have often wondered if God were to call me to do something out of my comfort zone would I do it. Friday I was in a waiting room in a St. Louis hospital waiting to be called for a colonoscopy. The room was full. Over to one side there was an elderly man sitting behind a woman in a wheel chair, with another woman on either side of him. One of the women started to sing softly, she could still be heard all over the room. She was singing Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there's just something about that name..... the elderly man closed his eyes and attempted to sing along. Before long they called a name and the man, another woman and the lady in the wheel chair went to another room. The lady who was singing got up and went to a family of three in front of us. She said "I must apologize, I didn't ask if there was a song I could sing for you." I couldn't hear what they replied but she again started to sing the same song and from that one went into Because He lives I can face tomorrow....., those people then taught her a children's chorus set to the tune of we will, we will rock you. Then she went to the people next to us and went through the same things. She then told them that her husband was here for some major surgery. Instead of focusing on her problems she was ministering to others. I thought Lord, if you called me to do that, could I. Honestly, I don't know. Years ago I was driving with Bree-Ann and the Lord spoke to me and told me to go witness to someone who was a parent of a bus kid. I immediately turned around and went to their home. I felt like there was no choice. I never considered not doing it. But this Lady had major problems of her own and she was joyfully ministering to others. Lord, help me to be like that. I wonder did she feel like I did, was there a choice?