Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nothing to do

I am currently at work with nothing to do. Our computer system crashed and we do everything on that program. They were doing an update that was bigger than they thought and it crashed the server. So here I sit with nothing to do. I am supposed to do sound at church tonight but if I can't even start my work until after lunch getting done and out of here on time will be almost impossible. I am working on that one. I hate not being busy. I am a worker bee, I need work. I don't do bored well. Fortunately I work with people I like and we have been talking and surfing the net.
Also, today is tax day. I hate tax day. It seems no matter how hard I try I always end up mailing my taxes (read money) on tax day. I took our taxes to the accountant early in March and he finished them yesterday. Next year we will be looking for someone new. We pay estimated every quarter and still end up paying more. I really hate taxes!

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